Platinum Single Donor

raw hair


So what is the difference is between Badd Yute Prestige Hair and Badd Yute Platinum Hair?? Badd Yute Prestige Hair and Badd Yute Platinum Hair, are both the same higher quality bundles with 100% cuticle aligned virgin hair. but with a much higher density & Fuller volume at the hair ends especially in our 10 inch-22 inch length. This hair quality is inferior and usually purchased by those of a Celebrity status such as models, singers & actresses who need to maintain their image with minimal fuss, whilst this hair is for
personal use the Badd Yute Platinum Hair Range is cut from donors aged from 16-25 years old. Thus has a higher natural density full to the end of each bundle, is very easy to bleach/colour & can last more than 3 years when maintained well.