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What’s the difference between Raw & Virgin Hair?

Raw hair is hair that hasn’t been processed whether chemically, organically or steam. Raw hair is
cut from the hair vendor quality and nit checked wafted or left loose then sold to customers.
Because it hasn’t been chemically processed it has a higher bleaching range and longevity but
lacks the luster of say steam processed hair, Raw hair will look like Hair on someone’s head.
Good quality Virgin Hair has been processed naturally using organic materials/products eg Apple
cider vinegar for nit removal and then steam treated on rods for curl pattern development.
Our warehouse doesn’t use chemicals to avoid our clients having allergic reactions.

Why don’t you use the 7A, 8A etc Hair grade system?

Because this is just a marketing gimmick! Any good vendor will admit this. What is marketed as
grade 9A+ today will most probably be grade 11A next month. There are only 3 types of hair Raw,
Virgin, Remy, Raw being the highest quality.
To help you make a more informed choice we have simplified the hair we stock into 3 groups or
hair ranges:
*Premium = Remy hair from several hair donors,
*Prestige = Virgin Single Donor,
*Platinum Virgin Single Donor aged 16-25 years of age. Platinum will last the longest as the hair is
from younger hair donors. All our hair is steam processed.

What type of hair do you sell?

You will note there is no mention of Brazilian, Peruvian here at Badd Yute and that is because
again it’s all MARKETING! We however are not here to sell you dreams as we strive to have a long
lasting relationship with you based on truth and quality not lies to gain quantity.
Mink, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Jamaican bolt bundles and Alien plutonium strands (see
what we did there lol) it’s all marketing ploys to entice you to buy when in reality the large majority
of raw hair material is actually sourced from India in next place but surprisingly in smaller
quantities China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines

How long will orders take to ship?

If it’s already in stock and you are based in the UK 2 days, and if you are within a 10 mile radius
we aim to deliver same or next day!
If only part of your order is in stock then we will ship once everything is ready.
International orders can take up 7 days.