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Beauty Comes in Bundles, Luxurious Bundles to Be Precise

Here at BADD YUTE HAIR, we know firsthand how frustrating, time-consuming & money squandering it can be trying to source good quality 100% human hair from wholesale vendors. Not only is the internet inundated with hair vendors selling unsatisfactory and downright awful or even fake hair, but the painstaking amount of hours also spent searching through the hoards of Chinese vendors on Google and YouTube can be a disheartening venture.

Trust that We at BADD YUTE HAIR understand your concerns firsthand especially as a UK black-owned hair business, we have been there, felt the frustration, wasted money on subpar hair so YOU NEVER HAVE TO EVER AGAIN!! Our mission is to meet your hair satisfaction requirements so we can both have a win-win partnership.

Rest assured we are all about delivering the highest quality and most luxurious premium hair extensions for women who expect and demand only the best. We have a range of options, starting from our Premium Remy Range to our 100% Prestige & Platinum Single Donor Virgin Human Hair all specially selected to give you the perfect combination of luxury and beauty.

All our hair extensions are tested to ensure that we provide our customers with premium quality hair

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No tangling! No matting! No shedding!
We believe that as a woman of  colour , you deserve to look your best always and your best is what we are here to help you achieve.

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In our BADD YUTE PREMIUM REMY HAIR Range we stock Fuller Remy Hair which is 100% human hair just not the top quality hair material, it is sourced from multiple hair donors and bundled together. What is the longevity of our Premium Remy hair? With great hair maintenance between 10 months up-to 1 year or longer but is dependent on how well you care for your wefts of hair. However If you want the Best Quality hair which is 100% Cuticle aligned, then you should go for our BADD YUTE PRESTIGE Hair Range.


Badd Yute Prestige Hair range is sourced from the highest quality 100% cuticle aligned, Single Donor Raw Unprocessed Hair, all our curled/waved bundles are steam processed processed to maintain the integrity & prestigious quality of our bundles. We like to point out that whilst its impossible to have bundles 100% the same length, Our Prestige range has less short hairs on the uppermost region of the weft meaning more full length strands within our bundles from weft to tip. Looking for hair quality & longevity? Well the Prestige Single Donor Range can Last More Than 2 Years if customers maintain the hair well; making it a worthy long term investment for those who value prestige quality


So what is the difference is between Badd Yute Prestige Hair and Badd Yute Platinum Hair?? Badd Yute Prestige Hair and Badd Yute Platinum Hair, are both the same higher quality bundles with 100% cuticle aligned virgin hair. but with a much higher density & Fuller volume at the hair ends especially in our 10 inch-22 inch length. This hair quality is inferior and usually purchased by those of a Celebrity status such as models, singers & actresses who need to maintain their image with minimal fuss, whilst this hair is for
personal use the Badd Yute Platinum Hair Range is cut from donors aged from 16-25 years old.Thus has a higher natural density full to the end of each bundle, is very easy to bleach/colour & can last more than 3 years when maintained well.





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